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Executive post

Finance and Property Portfolio Holder


Broad areas of responsibility


  • Finance
  • Benefits
  • Efficiency
  • Loan Applications
  • Property/Asset Management
  • Bushey Golf and Country Club


For decision by the Executive as a whole


  • To determine the allocation of Council owned land and property
  • Decisions relating to the Asset Management Plan and its implementation
  • The acquisition and disposal of lane and property
  • Coordination of the Council’s financial strategy
  • Determination of loan applications


Responsibilities of the individual portfolio holder


  • To lead the preparation of the Council’s budget subject to full consultation with relevant portfolio holders and to submission to the Executive of budget proposals, prior to referral to the Council.


  • To lead from the Council’s perspective on matters relating to Bushey Golf and Country Club, subject to ensuring that decisions impacting on the related management arrangements or any matter impacting on the Council’s financial position are referred to the Executive.


  • Arrangements for the management of:


Ø      depots

Ø      all commercial premises including local shopping parades, ancillary residential accommodation and land

Ø      all establishments of the Council

Ø      lock up garages

Post is held by