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Planning Referrals Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning Referrals Committee.


Information about Planning Referrals Committee

Up to January 2011, the Council had three area-based planning committees that were responsible for determining and monitoring planning applications and related enforcement matters under planning legislation.  These three area Committees were combined into one Planning Committee, which first met on 6 January 2011.


Due to the volume of applications, not all planning applications are decided by Committee.  Many are determined by the Head of Planning and Building Control under delegated powers, within the framework approved by the Council.  However, all major or significant applications are presented to the Planning Committee for determination.


If an application is not determined by the Planning Committee, our Planning Referrals Committee will consider the application.  This Committee does not have scheduled meetings, but meets as and when required on the following basis:


1.   To determine a planning application or related matter in any of the following circumstances:


a)    Where the Planning Committee was minded to reverse an officer’s recommendation fundamentally contrary to the provisions of the Council’s planning policy or national policy or guidance, or


b)    Where there was an equality of votes and the Chairman of the Planning Committee chose not to determine an issue through use of his or her second or casting vote, or


c)    Where for any reasons the Planning Committee was unable to determine an issue.


2.   The determination of major planning applications which, in view of their scale, have a potential significant impact on the Borough.


Members of the public are entitled to speak at Planning Referrals Committee meetings for up to three minutes on any planning application being considered.  The procedure allows one person to speak in favour of the application and one person to speak against.  Requests to speak are dealt with on a first come first served basis.  If you would like to speak at a Planning Referrals Committee meeting you must register to do so by calling 0208 207 7550 between 10 am and 4 pm on the day of the meeting.