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Committee structure



Most decisions are taken by the Executive. The Executive currently comprises the Leader and seven councillors, each of whom has their own portfolio of particular responsibilities, allocated by the Leader. Meetings of the Executive take place monthly and are chaired by the Leader. For more details please see the council's constitution.

Overview and Scrutiny

The role of overview and scrutiny is primarily to scrutinise the decisions and performance of the Executive and the council as a whole and to undertake policy development and review work. The Overview Committee and the two Scrutiny Committees comprise non-executive councillors. The Overview Committee has a co-ordinating role and the work of the Scrutiny Committees is generally conducted through “task and finish” reviews. The work of these committees includes consideration of any matter affecting the area or the borough’s inhabitants. The Overview and Scrutiny Committees are made up of non-executive councillors.


The Licensing Committee is responsible for formulating and keeping under review the Council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing policy.  It is also taking on responsibilities for licensing of gaming and gaming machines.


The Committee also acts as a parent committee to the Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committees which, will determine licensing applications where relevant representations have been made.


The Audit Committee works to promote and safeguard financial probity throughout the authority.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for staff issues.


A Standards Committee comprising three Borough councillors, four independent members and one parish representative exists to maintain high ethical standards and probity at all levels within the authority.



Accounts Approval