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Executive post

Housing and Transport Portfolio Holder


Broad areas of responsibility


  • Housing
  • Risk Management
  • Efficiency
  • E-government and ICT
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Customer Services/Complaints
  • Diversity Issues (as they relate to equal opportunities)
  • Print Services
  • Executive input into human resources policy
  • Best Value
  • Partnerships
  • Procurement
  • In‑house catering


For decision by the Executive as a whole


  • Matters falling within the Council’s Risk Management Strategy.
  • Matters relating to catering in the Civic Offices.


Responsibilities of the individual portfolio holder

  • To draw up and monitor the Council’s Best Value Performance Plan, subject to submitting it to the Executive as a body before it is submitted to Council
  • To lead on the Council’s corporate performance management and the Comprehensive Performance Assessment/Comprehensive Area Assessment Action Plan
  • To determine arrangements relating to customer services, subject to submitting to the Executive any matter relating to a change in service levels
  • To be the Executive’s spokesperson on human resource issues
  • To be the Member level Risk Management Champion
  • To lead on the Pathfinder Initiative
  • The formulation and review of all aspects of the Housing Investment Programme and Housing Strategy, including the Homeless Strategy, Supporting People Strategy and Private Sector Housing function, subject to the referral of the Housing Strategy to the Executive for recommendation to the Council
  • To act as interface between the Council and other agencies involved in housing and to determine, on behalf of the Council, responses to consultation documents produced by other agencies on housing and associated issues
  • To determine other matters relating to the Council’s housing function (except matters relating to individual housing cases including the hearing of appeals, consideration of housing register or homeless applications and nominations to housing associations)
  • To act in the place of the Leader in his absence or inability to act, including chairing meetings of the Executive

Post is held by