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Empty Homes Strategy 2018 to 2022

05/06/2018 - Empty Homes Strategy 2018 to 2022

Decision that the Council be recommended to adopt, as part of its Policy Framework, the Empty Homes Strategy, as set out in Appendix A to the Executive report.


Reasons for the Decision


When dealing with empty homes, it was important that the Council worked within the prescribed statutory framework and that it followed best practice and procedures in doing so.


The aim of the Strategy was to set out the criteria and priorities the Council intended to use when assessing empty housing and other relevant legislation in a manner that was transparent and clear to the public.  The Strategy would ensure that the approach, including enforcement, was carried out in a consistent, fair, proportionate and targeted manner.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


The Executive could have made the decision not to endorse the updated Strategy.  However, as this would entail Officers undertaking the functions without approved guidance and outside an agreed framework, this option was not supported.


Key Points Arising from the Discussion


·       The Environment and Transport Portfolio Holder pointed out that there was a large waiting list for social housing and over 500 empty homes in the Borough.  In view of this, he expressed particular concern about those that were uninhabitable or in need of major repairs (page 13 of the Strategy refers) and considered that the new Strategy 2018 to 2022 would help to address this problem.


(Action:  Private Sector Housing Officer)