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Agenda item

Health and Safety Update for Quarter 1

The Committee is asked to note the Health and Safety report for Quarter 1.




Report PER/1818 provided an update on health and safety matters for Quarter 1. 


Members noted the presentation of this report to the Local Joint Committee and its discussion as set out below:


“The Head of HR and Customer Services highlighted the following areas of the report which were the subject of discussion as follows:


·             Paragraph 3.2 of the report – It was noted that, since issue of the report, the actions agreed by the Personnel Committee to support the Abusive Behaviour Policy, notably the poster campaign, had been implemented.


·             Paragraph 3.3 – The recommendation in the quarterly report from the Health and Safety Adviser (paragraph 3.9 of Appendix A on personal safety and loneworking refers) had also been implemented and a procurement exercise commenced for acquiring additional Skyguard personal safety devices.  The Chair (of the LJC) expressed concern on behalf of staff in Housing at how long the procurement process was taking given the urgency of the need for the two requested devices.  The Head of HR and Customer Services advised that a report was being prepared for the Executive to progress the procurement as swiftly as possible in view of the urgency of the health and safety considerations.


·             Paragraph 3.4 - The Head of HR and Customer Services assured the Committee that the case of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome had been proactively managed with therefore no risks comparable with the case cited at the end of the quarterly report.


·             Appendix A, paragraph 4.1 – The Chair noted the increase in incident reports but considered that this was still unlikely to represent the full picture.  He said that managers should be urged to be more alert and encourage their staff to report incidents as continuing exposure to abuse could lead to future health problems such as depression.  The Head of HR and Customer Services acknowledged that failure to report could lead to other staff being left vulnerable to further abuse from the same person.  She pointed out that the monitoring of calls in Customer Services was useful in this respect.  A Councillor suggested that calls in Housing should be similarly monitored and that, aside from the existing position at the front entrance, CCTV should be extended to the front desk.  The Head of HR and Customer Services agreed to relay these suggestions to the Chief Officers.


·             Appendix A, paragraph 3.10 – Members discussed the merits of holding a fire evacuation drill at a Council and/or Planning meeting and the possibility of a mock bomb evacuation drill.  With regard to the latter, the Head of HR and Customer Services confirmed that advice had been received from the Police about the management of a lockdown situation.  The Committee recognised the need not to cause undue alarm to members of staff but nevertheless felt that people should be made aware.



AGREED that:


1.          the Quarter 1 report of the Health and Safety Adviser, at Appendix A, together with the minutes of the Health and Safety Group meeting on 14 August 2018 at Appendix B, be noted; and


2.          the comments above be noted and, where applicable, be approved for action.


(Action:  Head of HR and Customer Services/HR Adviser)


Supporting documents: