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Draft Workforce Strategy 2019-2021

The report provides a draft Workforce Strategy for the period 2019-2021 to serve as the basis for consultation with staff and other stakeholders.



Report PER/18/15 provided a first draft of the Workforce Strategy for the period 2019 to 2021 to serve as the basis for consultation with staff and other stakeholders.


Members noted the presentation of this report to the Local Joint Committee and its discussion as set out below:


“The Head of HR and Customer Services introduced the report and took members through the draft Strategy powerpoint presentation outlined in Appendix F.  She confirmed that not surprisingly the average age of the workforce was continuing to rise.  She said that, with regard to the London market impact, the Council was losing some of its professional staff to neighbouring London boroughs such as Brent, Barnet and Harrow due to the attractive benefits they could offer, key of which was the opportunity of homeworking which was available at Hertsmere on an ad hoc basis only. 


The Head of HR and Customer Services reported that, in terms of  health and wellbeing, the Council was doing very well, that GDPR (the General Data Protection Act) presented a big burden for the Council and that good progress was being made with the digital transformation of services with a new CRM system to be introduced shortly.  She said that the draft Strategy presented to the Committee covered a three-year period as opposed to the previous five‑year period and pointed out that Wiltshire Council, for example, had a ten‑year plan from 2017 to 2027.  She distributed copies of that authority’s people strategy for the Committee’s information and confirmed that she had looked at the strategies of both Wilshire Council and St Albans.


During discussion, the following points were raised:


·             In response to a question from the Vice-Chair (of the LJC), the         Head of HR and Customer Services advised that consultation          would take place with this Committee and the Personnel          Committee, senior management and the Policy Review Committee   on 8 October 2018. She added that the Council’s senior         management had indicated that they wished to include reference       to what was expected of staff.


·             The Chair (of the LJC) suggested that mention be made of work experience opportunities.  The Head of HR and Customer Services pointed out that this was included under section 5.2 on Skills Development (agenda page 53 refers).


·             A Councillor member asked what the Council did about team   building which he considered was particularly relevant to the   recruitment of young people.  The Head of HR and Customer           Services replied that there was no corporate approach to team    building but heads of service were able to request it if, for         example, they were going through change.


·             In response to another Councillor question, the Head of HR and Customer Services confirmed that the Council undertook mentoring, coaching and used mental health first aid workers as well its Employee Assistance Programme.  She said that overall the Council had a good combination of resources available.


·             The Committee noted the content of the strategy from Wiltshire Council and, whilst this did not focus on the same areas as the draft Strategy for Hertsmere such as staff wellbeing, it was agreed that the Council could benefit from producing something similar in terms of the style of presentation. 


·             The Portfolio Holder emphasised the importance of the Council placing trust in and empowering staff which he considered was not reinforced through the use of a time clocking procedure.  The point was agreed by all members present.


·             The Head of HR and Customer Services invited members of the Committee to give consideration to a suitable strapline for the draft Strategy and to submit any suggestions to HR.”




1.          the overview of the draft Workforce Strategy presented at the meeting (powerpoint at Appendix F) be noted;


2.          consultation with staff and other stakeholders commence with the circulation of the first draft of the Workforce Strategy 2019 to 2021;


3.          feedback from the Local Joint Committee, as set out above, be considered;


4.          a further report be brought to the next meeting of the Local Joint and Personnel Committees in December 2018 with details of feedback received and a final version of the Strategy with a view to approval and recommendation for ratification by the Council in January 2019; and


5.          the Workforce Strategy 2019-2021 be supported by annual workforce plans detailing the actions to be undertaken and the first of these, the Workforce Plan 2019, be considered at the next meeting of the Committees in December 2018. 


(Action:  Head of HR and Customer Services)



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