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Member Planning Panel

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Information about Member Planning Panel

Member Planning Panel Terms of Reference (2017)

Hertsmere Borough Council has responsibility for preparation and adoption of the statutory development plan (the ‘Local Plan’) for the borough. The Council also has responsibility for preparing Supplementary Planning Documents which expand on certain policies in areas such as Design, Parking and Affordable Housing.

In order to assist the Planning and Localism Portfolio Holder and the Executive, and ensure member involvement in the process, the Planning Panel provides views to officers and the Portfolio Holder on strategic or key policy issues. It should though be noted that the officers and the portfolio holder do not necessarily have to accept the advice of the Panel in preparing reports and documents for consideration by the Executive and the Council. However, the views of the Panel can be reported to the Executive and Council as part of the decision making process.

The Panel is an informal working group established (and concluded) at the behest of the Planning Portfolio Holder on the following basis:


1.         The Panel is currently a nine member body, comprising the present Portfolio Holder with responsibility for planning matters, and membership of the Conservative Group and a nominated representative for the Labour Group. If the Labour Group is unable to provide a Councillor, the entire membership of the Panel may be taken from the Conservative Group. A geographic spread of membership will be sought.


2.         The Panel's primary purpose will be to comment on the new Local Plan and associated technical reports. It is not a decision making body and meetings shall have at least six Councillors attending (including the Chair) in order for there to be a quorum. Where appropriate the Panel will review other emerging planning policy documents, such as Supplementary Planning Documents. The Panel will also receive reports or updates on relevant changes to national legislation, Government guidance and good practice which could impact on the preparation of Hertsmere's Local Plan.


3.         The Panel will focus on strategic planning matters which will generally be of borough-wide significance. As such, it will not be a forum for discussing ward-specific issues.


4.         Meetings of the Panel can be held as and when required but typically will meet six times a year.


5.         The Portfolio Holder with responsibility for planning matters will chair meetings.


6.         Democratic Services will provide secretarial support and be responsible for organising meetings, preparing and publishing agendas, circulating papers and taking notes/action points.


7.         Agendas and associated papers will be circulated to members of the Panel in advance of the meeting. Late items and papers will only be accepted with the prior approval of the Chairman.


8.         Notes/action points will be taken and be circulated to the Panel members.


9.          Meetings will be held in public although the Chair may agree that certain items be considered in Part 2. Where this is the case papers and information should not be disclosed outside of the panel.


10.      Due to the specialised and at times confidential work being discussed, there will be no substitutes for this Panel.


11.      Any conflicts of interest should be declared and Members of the Panel should not meet with developers or landowners with a strategic interest in the future planning of the borough without the attendance of the Head of Planning and Economic Development and/or the Policy and Transport Manager.