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Standards Committee

This page lists the meetings for Standards Committee.


Information about Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is made up of Borough Councillors, two representatives of the Town and Parish Councils, and 6 Independent “Co‑opted” Members.  The Independent Members are not Councillors but are members of the public appointed by the Council to serve on the Standards Committee, in accordance with legislation.  Independent Members are bound by the same Code of Conduct which applies to Councillors, and the Chairman of the Standards Committee must be one of the Independent Members.


The Committee exists to maintain high ethical standards and probity at all levels within the authority and within the Town and Parish Councils in the Borough.  This is done by monitoring the operation of the Members’ Code of Conduct by ensuring that Councillors comply with the requirements of the Code.


As of May 2008, the Standards Committee will be responsible for the local determination of all allegations of misconduct received against Councillors.  Individual cases will be determined by Sub-Committees drawn from the membership of the Standards Committee.