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Agenda and draft minutes

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The Chairman introduced the Panel and outlined the procedure to be followed.  He advised those present that the following maximum times would apply:


in which to present their case            10 minutes

in which to put any questions through the Chair               5 minutes

in which to make their closing statement            5 minutes


No Members had any interests to declare.


The Chairman welcomed Councillor Wayne to the hearing, who was observing as a new member of the Licensing Committee.


Non-attendance of parties at the hearing


The applicant was not in attendance for the hearing, having provided written confirmation of his non-attendance prior to the hearing.


Report of the Licensing Officer


The Principal Licensing Officer, Mr Andrews, presented his report which had been made available to all parties (see Appendix A to these minutes). 


Mr Andrews informed the Panel that the plans received were of a poor quality, and that additional plans had been requested. Responding to a question from the Panel, Mr Andrews confirmed that the premises licence holder licence had been issued by the London Borough of Barnet.


Representations for the Review


Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service


Mr Steve Bayford, representing Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, spoke against the application. He referred the Panel to his report in the agenda, and outlined the written concerns.


It was noted that the licence holder had not been able to recall the last test dates of any equipment in the premises, or provide any maintenance checks or risk assessment records. Mr Bayford considered that the checks and records would need to be completed prior to the licence being granted. In response to a question from the Panel, Mr Bayford confirmed that the premises would be re-inspected prior to opening.




At the invitation of the Chairman, questions were put and responses given as follows:


·        It was reported that whilst alcohol would be sold for off premises consumption only, an off-licence licence would allow for customers to purchase alcohol only. However, Mr Andrews added that the premises would only be selling high priced wine or beer, and excessive purchase or consumption of these was unlikely.


·        The Panel raised concern regarding the closure of the children’s play area at 18.00 hours and the provision for sale of alcohol at 17.00 hours. Mr Andrews explained that parents may wish to purchase alcohol with their takeaway meals before 18.00 hours, and emphasised that consumption of alcohol was prohibited on the premises at all hours.


·        The distance from the petrol station to the entrance of the premises was not close enough to cause concern to the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. In regards to a possibility of conditioning a maximum capacity number, Mr Bayford reported that as the whole building was not being licensed, it was not considered necessary to condition a maximum capacity number to the licensed area.


·        The proposed disco area was commented and discussed, with the Panel agreeing that the application form did not provide sufficient information with regard to the disco area. As the applicant was not present for the hearing, it was not possible for the Panel’s concerns to be clarified or resolved.


Closing Statements


Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service


Mr Bayford did not wish to make a closing statement.


Principal Licensing Officer


The Principal Licensing Officer summarised the issues discussed during the hearing, and the conditions which had been considered by the Panel. He recommended that notices be displayed reminding customers not to consume alcohol on the premises, and to leave the premises quietly. Erection of appropriate signage regarding the ‘challenge 21’ policy was also recommended.


Mr Andrews considered that the licence should not come into effect until better plans were produced and provided to the Licensing Authority and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority, fire risk assessments were documented and in place and a maintenance schedule was produced.




At 10.46am the Panel retired to deliberate. The Chairman asked all those present to be in the Chamber at 11.00am when the Panel would announce their decision.


At 11.09am the Panel returned to the Chamber.


The Chairman advised that, following consideration of all relevant representations, and having regard to the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy and the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State, the application for the sale of alcohol be granted subject to a number of conditions, and that the application for recorded music and the associated disco be refused. (see Appendix B to these minutes for the details of the conditions, and the full text of the decision).  

Report of Officers - Appendix A pdf icon PDF 26 KB

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