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Award of Refuse Collection Vehicle Framework

Meeting: 22/05/2019 - Executive (Item 8)

Award of Refuse Collection Vehicle Framework

Report of Officers

Additional documents:


Decision that the award of the Refuse Collection Framework to Dennis Eagle Limited be approved.


Reasons for the Decision


It was taken into account that Dennis Eagle Limited had provided the only compliant bid in accordance with the tender evaluation criteria.  This contract is needed as the Council provides an in-house waste collection service and has a fleet of vehicles, including waste collection vehicles to support the service.  The current fleet of vehicles need to be replaced as they are very old.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


It could have been decided not to award a contract for Refuse Collection Vehicles.  This option was rejected as the current fleet is becoming obsolete and inefficient with more breakdowns and by not replacing it there would have been a poorer service provided to residents.


Key Points Arising from the Discussion


·                The Environment Portfolio Holder confirmed that the cost of six new refuse collection vehicles would be met from the Street Scene vehicle replacement reserve fund.  The new vehicles would be more efficient, were a good longer term investment as they reduced the cost of vehicle maintenance and were less environmentally harmful.


·                A non-Executive Member welcomed the financial savings set out in the report and asked to what extent electric hybrid vehicles had been considered as part of the procurement process for refuse collection.  It was also queried whether CCTV was inbuilt in the vehicles for staff security.


Responding, the Environment Portfolio Holder advised that the Council did have an electric vehicle which it used for short journeys, including to and from the depot.  It was the Council’s aspiration to use electric vehicles for refuse collection once the appropriate technology was available, including for longer journeys.  The Chair added that bodycams were available for staff security.  The Environment Portfolio Holder stated that he would investigate whether the refuse vehicles included panic buttons to assist security.  


(Action: Head of Street Scene Service)