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Presentation and approval of Statement of Accounts 2018/19

Meeting: 30/07/2019 - Audit Committee (Item 157)

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This report submits the Council’s Statement of Accounts 2018/19 for approval by the Committee following completion of the external audit and is TO FOLLOW.

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The Head of Finance & Business Services presented the Council’s Statement of Accounts for 2018/19 to the Committee for approval. The meeting was reminded that it had, on 30 May 2019, approved the submission of the accounts to Ernst & Young for external audit.


The audit had now been completed and there were only two areas of change.  These related to the pension liabilities, as reported to the previous meeting, and the consolidation of the Council company group accounts.  The Elstree Film Studio Ltd accounts had also had been adjusted by changes in their own pension liabilities.



1)    The audited Statement of Accounts 2018/19 (Appendix 1 to Report A/19/21), as required by the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015, be approved.

2)    The contents of the Letter of Representation 2018/19 (Appendix 2 to Report A/19/21) which must be agreed and signed by the Corporate Director (in their capacity as the Chief Finance Officer) and the Chairman of the Audit Committee and submitted to the external auditor (EY) prior to the issue of their audit opinion, be noted.

3)    The Corporate Director and the Chair of the Audit Committee be authorised to sign the final audited Statement of Accounts and confirm that they represent a true and fair view of the Council’s financial position as at 31 March 2019 and for the year then ended.