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Furzefield Leisure Centre - Renewal of Roof Covering

Meeting: 20/03/2019 - Executive (Item 88)

Furzefield Leisure Centre Re-roofing Contract

Report of Officers.


Additional documents:


Decision that:


1.     M & J Group be awarded a contract for the replacement of roof coverings at Furzefield Leisure Centre; and


2.     the required funding from the 2018/19 contingency budget, as set out in section 6 of the report, be approved.


Reasons for the Decision


The single ply flat roof covering above the plant room areas of the Furzefield Leisure Centre had failed, resulting in water ingress and a collapse of the insulation layer below.  This had been identified at the time of transfer to Hertsmere Leisure Trust and its renewal was an outstanding commitment.

Complete renewal was necessary as the roof covering had reached the end of its life and this included new insulation and repairs to the defective steel deck in one area.  It was proposed to insulate the replacement roof covering to current standards making it more energy efficient and thus contributing to energy savings.

Alternative Options Considered and Rejected


The Council could have decided not to award a contract.  However, since the roofing was now beyond any form of economical repair, the collapse of the insulation layer and resultant ponding carried a considerable risk of water penetration to the plant rooms below with the potential to disrupt business and cause both financial and reputational damage to Hertsmere Leisure Trust and the Council.  For this reason, this option was not supported.

Key Points Arising from the Discussion


·       Responding to a question from the Chair, the Property Services Manager clarified that, in terms of Building Regulations compliance, the insulation levels of the building might not need to be upgraded as the area affected was above the plant room and adding further insulation was intrinsically difficult because it affected the periphery.


(Action:  Property Services Manager)