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Risk Management Progress Update

Meeting: 30/01/2019 - Audit Committee (Item 441)

441 Risk Management Progress Update pdf icon PDF 155 KB

The ATTACHED report reviews and updates the Strategic Risks facing this Authority.

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The Committee received a report reviewing and updating the strategic risks facing the authority.  The Corporate Director highlighted that the risk of “Illegal encampments” [SO31] had been reduced due to the successful use of an injunction on a significant number of sites across Hertsmere.


Members noted that the “Supply of Affordable Social Housing & Homelessness  [SO01] was still red, reflecting both a high likelihood and high impact and queried whether any additional actions could be taken to reduce this.  Officers responded that there were limited opportunities and that the Council was seeking to make best use of Section 106 agreements the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and favouring direct provision over commuted financial sums.  The Council was challenging viability reports used by developers to reduce their obligations and also making use of clawback provisions to allow mid-development reviews to be conducted.


The Committee raised concerns about “Illegal Encampments” [SO31], the scope of the areas covered by the injunction and whether the Council would act when there are absent or unknown landlords.  Officers reported that the injunction covered a large number of areas and was not limited to existing Council property, for example it included Commons which the Council had a duty to protect.  The map of the areas covered by the injunction had been published on the website and the intention was to make it more widely available to deter future encampments.

Officers confirmed that, where there was a request from a private landowner for support for the removal of illegal encampments was received, could be provided, however this would need to be recharged.  The landowner would also still be required, for example, to attend court to prove ownership.


It was noted that the Risk Management report covered operational risks as opposed to financial risks which were covered by the External Audit report.  The Corporate Director was satisfied that the financial risks were being sufficiently managed such that they did not need to form part of the Risk Management report.


RESOLVED that the current strategic risks be noted and in particular the reduction in likelihood of the risk of “Illegal encampments” [SO31] as detailed in the report.