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Sickness Absence Management

Meeting: 04/07/2018 - Personnel Committee (Item 89)

Sickness Absence Management

Report of Officers.


Additional documents:

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The report provided details of sickness absence levels in the Council for the 12-month period ending 31 May 2018. 


Members noted the presentation of this report to the Local Joint Committee as set out below:


“The Head of HR and Customer Services was pleased to report that the figures had improved recently following a difficult winter and early spring period and that the short term sickness absence target of no more than 3.5 days per employee per year was still being achieved.


          The Head of HR and Customer Services advised that the Council was continuing with its wellbeing initiatives, which included a lunchtime walking group for staff, and monitoring of sickness absence.  She also drew the Committee’s attention to the new format of the report and advised that, following on from May, the figures for June and July were promising so far.”


The Head of HR and Customer Services referred the Committee to the further case information provided in Appendix A of the Personnel Committee report in respect of the reasons for long term sickness absence.  She confirmed that there were six long term cases, the majority of which were in street scene services.  Members noted the case details.


RESOLVED the analysis of sickness absence levels and the absence management actions taken, be noted.