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Restructure of Engineering Services and Asset Management

Meeting: 03/10/2017 - Personnel Committee (Item 257)

Restructure of Engineering Services and Asset Management

Report of Officers.


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Report PER/17/18 set out the proposals for the restructuring of the Engineering and Asset Management service and provided the Committee with information about the implications for employees within the service.


The Head of Engineering Services and Asset Management presented the report, referring Members in particular to appendices A and B which showed the existing and proposed department structures respectively.  He advised that there were currently four sections within the service group consisting of: the operations team which was responsible for the  land drainage operational work; the engineering team responsible for projects and providing technical advice and support to planning; asset management and, most recently, since September 2016, the Developments team progressing in-house initiated capital developments.


He said that the proposed restructure was aimed at formally establishing the new Development Manager post and rationalising the existing staffing arrangements, providing the opportunity to deploy resources more effectively and encourage more team working between the sections within the group.


The HR Adviser spoke about the personnel implications.  She advised that, whilst it was anticipated that any risks of redundancy could be avoided, a management of change process needed to be undertaken in accordance with the Council’s Management of Change Policy.  She said that this involved drawing up JDs (job descriptions) where required and carrying out the associated job evaluations and selection assessment processes.  In terms of staff consultation, the HR Adviser advised that she and the Head of Engineering Services and Asset Management had already met with all those staff affected by the proposed changes and that feedback had been generally positive.  She added that the management of change process would be consistent with the change management process for the Planning department restructure.


The Head of HR and Customer Services added that all due consideration would be given to appropriate arrangements for ring-fencing, ‘slotting’ and/or open competition for posts within the group of staff affected by the restructure, as per the policy, and suitable alternative employment would be offered where applicable with trial periods.


A Member asked whether consideration had been given to possible opportunities for grass roots apprentices.  The Head of Engineering Services and Asset Management replied that this was a potential option, the funding for which depended on the Council acquiring the contracts to fund them.


Another Member asked for clarification of report paragraph 8.2 in respect of the funding of the Development Manager post.  The Corporate Director replied that this should not be an issue due to the healthy revenue in Asset Management.




1.       the proposals for the restructuring of Engineering Services and Asset Management be approved, subject to the outcome of consultation with staff and to the financial implications being agreed by the Executive; and


2.       the existing structure in Appendix A and the proposed structure in Appendix B be noted.


(Action:  Head of Engineering Services and Asset Management/HR Adviser)