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Overview and Scrutiny Budget

Meeting: 31/03/2014 - Overview and Performance Committee (Item 650)

Overview and Scrutiny Budget

The current balance stands at £8 500.  Officers will report any additional expenditure at the meeting.


The Committee agreed that data collection by Hertfordshire University would be more useful for the Social Infrastructure Scrutiny Reviews. Objective data was needed which the Councillors could then interpret. £6000 was considered too costly for the Transport research as that could be undertaken without external assistance. The proposed researcher, a County Councillor, had the required academic experience so would be suitable. Conflict of interest was unlikely as this was a data, not policy, project and the supplier was the University of Hertfordshire.


RESOLVED that the remainder of the 2013/14 budget be spent on the University of Hertfordshire’s research for the Social Infrastructure Scrutiny Review, any additional money to come from the 2014/15 budget.

Action by: Principal Democratic Services Officer