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Performance monitoring 2013-2014 Quarter 1 [regular report]

Meeting: 17/09/2013 - Overview and Performance Committee (Item 283)

283 Performance monitoring 2013-2014 Quarter 1 [regular report] pdf icon PDF 3 MB

To consider the ATTACHED quarterly report on performance of Council services.

Additional documents:


The Head of Partnerships and Community Engagement, Senior Planning Officer and the Portfolholder were in attendance for this item.


The key points of the report were highlighted and a number of points were raised, including:

-        the red indicators were outside of the Council’s immediate and direct control (eg museum attendance levels, crime levels).

-        agents were submitting incomplete applications thereby causing delays. They could not be named and shamed but their clients were being written to and told that their agents were not submitting correct applications. A Developers Forum had also been set up to brief applicants on how to submit correct forms.

-        the delay in registering applications was due to staff shortages. A new employee was in post as well as new software and scanners, so performance should improve. There was only 1.5 FTE on the Validation Team whereas there should be 3.5 FTE. Also the applications were not always correct so delays were unavoidable. From personal experience, the Committee had found that an application submitted on 28 August had only been validated three days ago and still had not been allocated a case officer; it must be assumed that other applications were similarly delayed. The Committee pointed out that if notifications were late then the consultation period was shortened.


RESOLVED that a report be provided on the Validation process, including information on time taken to register, how and when applicants were notified, reasons for delays etc.

Action by: Senior Planning Officer, Development Team Leaders